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John Friedlander

After a lifetime of helping others tell compelling stories, here are parts of my own.

I am a writer and independent media producer.

I work with authors, artists, academics, advocates, attorneys, business owners, craftspeople, musicians, social justice organizations and a (very) few politicians to clearly communicate their essential stories to live and online audiences of their peers, potential customers, community groups, government agencies and juries, so that decisions can be made, actions can be taken, communities strengthened and minds expanded.

Everybody has a story. What's yours?








As a producer, I have a reputation for making things happen.

Whatever the project may be, I see the big picture of the opportunities to be created, how to accomplish the vision, what resources will be needed, the challenges to be faced, and the follow-through required.

Organizing complex endeavors is one of my strengths.

  • For the last six years I have produced the on-screen content for the Connecticut chapter (and the last two years in Miami, Florida) of the American Liver Foundation's major annual fundraising event "Flavors," which gathers hundreds of donors around dining tables hosted by about three dozen top-shelf area restaurants. With a celebrity host, several speakers, dozens of sponsors, silent and live auction items and a smattering of pre-recorded video elements, it is a complex live show I enjoy collaborating on with the client and the pros at ProSystems.TV. Next year's version is now in the works.

  • I work with attorneys on both coasts to produce media supporting their clients' business growth ventures and courtroom needs. While the details are confidential, this work ranges from recording video documenting proposed business operations as part of a zoning appeals hearing; combining video with animated 3D virtualization of a proposed building alteration as part of a zoning appeals hearing; and courtroom presentation of evidential documentation and video deposition segments as part of a trial proceeding.

  • Early in 2013, I was asked to create a talk show for the students of Oregon State University's Spring semester media production class, so they'd have something to work with as they build their experience in a television studio. On a very tight schedule I originated a show called "pARTners," which explores creative collaboration in the arts. For each of the two classes which have been through this program, I provided a hosted show format with up to three guests, pre-recorded intro and outro with credit roll, multiple pre-recorded roll-ins, and about thirty minutes of prepared but unrehearsed conversation. The students got to experience the pressure of a moderately complex live studio production, and after some cleanup of the inevitable "learning opportunities," the shows were later broadcast on a local community access channel.

  • From 2001 to 2009, I produced a series of sixty high-end private musical events renowned for their production values, the caliber of the artists presented, and the overall quality of the audience experience.

  • In a previous life, I was the Executive Director of a not-for-profit technology organization which convened twice-annual four-day conferences in coordination with major manufacturers and the tradeshows related to their products. Part of my responsibilities included making sure these events were productive, profitable, and well-attended.

  • I am currently developing a number of projects to be produced independently. To learn more, get in touch!