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John Friedlander

After a lifetime of helping others tell compelling stories, here are parts of my own.

I am a writer and independent media producer.

I work with authors, artists, academics, advocates, attorneys, business owners, craftspeople, musicians, social justice organizations and a (very) few politicians to clearly communicate their essential stories to live and online audiences of their peers, potential customers, community groups, government agencies and juries, so that decisions can be made, actions can be taken, communities strengthened and minds expanded.

Everybody has a story. What's yours?








I have directed groups of creative, motivated individuals toward mutually shared goals since I was in junior high school.

Whether the ultimate goal is a crowd-funding campaign video or a corporate multimedia extravaganza, an attorney's presentation, a printed publication, a tradeshow or professional conference, a radio or television ad, a municipal improvement project, a new website or blog, an educational speech, a short subject film or a musical performance, series or festival, my teams turn out excellent work on time and have fun doing so.

Some of my work can be found on my YouTube channel.