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John Friedlander

After a lifetime of helping others tell compelling stories, here are parts of my own story.

I am a writer and independent media producer. I work with authors, artists, academics, attorneys, businesses and politicians to clearly communicate their essential stories to audiences of their peers, potential customers, community groups, regulatory agencies and juries, so that decisions can be made, actions can be taken, and markets and minds expanded.

I also develop my own projects which explore some of the most pressing issues of our time, including whether our species will survive its own success, and whether zombies will overcome their obvious public image challenges.

Work should be fun, right?








Graphic design is a large part of my projects, because I believe every aspect of an audience's involvement with a project should delight the senses.

I am passionate about creating beautiful documents whether printed or online, and I work hard to ensure that my taste for simple elegance is conveyed appropriately through whatever medium I am working with.

In 2010 I created a new brand identity for a prominent east coast firm which provides event technology solutions to producers of live events. I created the logo and directed a team of creatives in the implementation of a new overall look for the company's website, printed ads and collateral material.